Raising Funds For 'Dabbawalas'


With stringent coronavirus-induced lockdown measures, India's famous tiffin delivery service, the 'Dabbawalas' have been severely impacted. You may be wondering: "Who are the Dabbawalas?" 


Dabbawalas are integral to delivering hot lunches from homes and restaurants to people at work in India. Every day, roughly 5,000 Dabbawalas pick up home-cooked meals to service thousands of citizens across Mumbai. Delivering over 200,000 home-cooked lunches a day, the Dabbawalas have almost never missed a meal. But with uncertainty around when the lockdown will end, the Dabbawalas are facing a financial crisis, one that is ineffectively being addressed by the state government. 


Dabbawalas do not have any other source of income now. Their condition has worsened after cyclone Nisarga, which has ruined their houses and fields. Unemployed since March by Modi's lockdown and hit by cyclone Nisarga, Mumbai's 5000 Dabbawalas searching for non-existent jobs. The same Dabbawalas who were responsible to providing food to thousands of citizens across Mumbai are now the same people who are unable to afford food for themselves.


This is an alarming issue that requires us and society to step up and do our bit. 

How Can You Help? 

Do Your Bit has posted a fundraising campaign on our platform that is accepting donations for this cause. Any funds raised will go fully towards providing a one-month meal ration to each Dabbawala.  


Every a dollar will go a long way. Please do your bit and donate: https://dyourbit.com/activities/campaigns/tiffin-service-faces-crisis-amid-india-s-covid-19-lockdown


We will be sending all the funds to Dabbawala Association of Mumbai for further distribution. Or you can donate to them directly on https://mumbaidabbawala.in/

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