Superhero with Autism

Hi, my name is Ethan. I am a teenager living in a world where I might never fit society’s view of normal, but that’s OK, because normal is boring.


My mom says I am her real-life superhero because I am strong, brave, smart, and funny. Mom says that despite my very little verbal communication, I taught her more in 5 years than she could ever teach me. There’s this misconception that children on the spectrum hardly show any affection, but that is false because I love everyone.


I do share many daily struggles, however. Every day is an obstacle I have to overcome. I am sensitive to smell, loud noises, and am a really picky eater. I don’t like most textures, but that’s not my fault; it has to do with sensory issues.


I was diagnosed with Level 3 Autism at an early age. That used to be a really scary word for my mom, but she realized it has been a beautiful journey and that word itself has become beautiful on its own, because Autism is now an integral part of who I am. 


I think it is important to accept people for who they are because many things are out of their control. I am a firm believer in treating people the way you want to be treated because you never know what each person is going through personally. Love and respect everyone equally; it is how you treat others that will you be remembered for. 

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