Empowering Peers To Make A Difference

Rahul Agarwal, Houston TX

What did you do?

Houston was hit hard by Harvey last fall. Many people lost their homes, some lost their lives. In fact, Houston has not seen such a mega-disaster in at least 75 years.

I, along with my team at the Red Cross Club, decided to hold a 3 v 3 Basketball Tournament to raise awareness among our peers, show them how can they make a difference with their passion, and raise funds for disaster relief. As a student body, many of us were directly impacted and hence were extremely supportive of our project. After advertising extensively and spreading the reason as to why we were raising funds, we hosted our fundraiser after school. Not only did we have many participants, but we also had stands filled with spectators, all enthusiastic to back the cause we were supporting.  One primary message we were trying to spread was that one can make a difference doing something they are passionate about. Many of our peers who were amazed at the fact that doing something they love can help support another individual who went through a similar situation.


Collectively, we raised more than $300 for disaster relief from students only. They gave their pocket money for the day to this cause. Most importantly, we were successful in raising awareness on how other schoolmates can make a difference, and the impact they can have. We succeeded in empowering our classmates and showing them that by doing something you are passionate about, you can make a difference in someone else's life.

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