COVID-19 Intubation Box


Intubation Safety Box

We have built a box (locally in the US using locally available material and laser cutter) that is being used or can be used in healthcare centers/ICUs providing care to Corona patients. 


COVID patients experience consistent cough and, as a result, emit microdroplets in the air that carries the virus. The box protects the medical health providers instantly by reducing airborne direct hits while intubating from the rear end. It is very easy to use and can be reused by cleaning with soap.


Doctors in Princeton Hospital System in NJ are finding it's very useful. Many more can be produced easily in the USA in a short time by material available locally and laser cutters.

What you can do to help  

These intubation boxes are integral to ensuring that our healthcare providers are able to treat patients suffering from COVID-19. Fortunately, these boxes can be designed by every-day citizens. Please follow the steps below and refer to the image above in order to do your bit in fighting today's pandemic:

"We are using a 3D Printer to make PLA/ABS Plastic Hinges so that anybody can assemble these in minutes.

Home Depot parts like standard nuts and bolts and one 24x36 and three 18x24 Acrylic Sheets.

The holes can be cut by 4" hole saws or Laser Cutters if accessible. No glue required and assembly should be very fast.

Disassembly should be easy as well so as to clean with bleach/70% alcohol after use."