Raised $18000 for Historic Hurricane Harvey Affected Families Having Disabled Members

What did you do?

Passion is what drives me and my brother to make a difference in our community. And for us, we have a strong passion to help those who are differently-abled. With the help of my dad, we spoke to a group of IT companies and persuaded them to contribute $18000 to families with one or more disabled members that were affected by Hurricane Harvey. On December 1, 2017, $10,000 was given to help both VoA (Volunteers of American) and F2F (Family to Family Network), who are focused on providing resources to families with disabled members, and to families who lost everything in Hurricane Harvey.


Many thanks to all the companies who contributed. We hope that other teenagers can do the same, and take what they are passionate about and use that to make a difference in their community.


$18,000 were raised, out of which $10,000 was given to “Volunteers of America, Houston, TX” and $8000 to “Family to Family Network” on December 1, 2017. Both organizations serve people with disabilities.

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