Disaster Relief – Red Cross Assistance

What did you do?

I have been actively working alongside Red Cross to help provide relief to those who have suffered from disasters, assist those in third world countries in need of vaccinations, and provide comfort and aid to those who have been displaced or are Veterans. Through our Red Cross Club that I founded at my school, we have raised over $1.15 K, all of which went towards helping Hurricane Matthew and Louisiana Flood victims. We also raised funds to help vaccinate over 150 children in developing countries. Working with the Youth Student Council for Red Cross, I have ran several regional fundraisers to help support those who have been affected by Hurricane Harvey. We have also directly interacted with affected communities by conducting cleanups and other comfort projects. We are currently working to develop ideas towards helping those affected by Hurricane Irma.

Take Away

The biggest lesson I learned from Red Cross was that small things can make a big difference in someone else's life. We take what we have granted, but $1 could go a long way for someone in desperate need of a meal or vaccine. Given the resources we have, it is important that we find time to assist others, because the integrity of our community is dependent on the kindness of those around us. 

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